Tips to Safely Pull Your Boat Out of the Water

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2015 ram 1500 pulling boat fro mwater

How to Pull Your Boat Out of the Water

The sun was shining and the water wasn’t too choppy; you even got a couple good bites, or maybe you’re exhausted from spending the day tubing and skiing with family and friends. No matter how your day was spent, it’s time to come to shore and bring the boat back in. Maybe you’ve seen someone else do it a hundred times, or you have no idea where to begin, either way, at Briggs Auto, we would like to present a few quick tips on how to pull your boat out of the water as quickly and safely as possible. Read the rest of this entry »

Briggs Presents Scholarship at Annual Scholarship Awards Banquet

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Russ Briggs Scholarship Award Manhattan KS

Briggs Scholarship Award Manhattan KS

When the final bell rings and you’ve managed to not trip across the stage at high school graduation, all of the questions and opportunities about college start flooding in. The Manhattan Area Technical College offers 14 programs of study, each of which help students to earn an Associate of Applied Science degree or Technical certificate.

 This knowledge obtained at MATC then opens up hundreds of career opportunities, and because some of our very own employees at Briggs Auto have earned similar degrees, we are proud to present the Briggs Scholarship Award in Manhattan KS.  Read the rest of this entry »

Briggs Auto and DEL Motors Help Honor Flint Hill Area Veterans

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Briggs Auto Military Appreciation

Briggs Auto Group Contributes to Quilt of Valor 2015 Project

Demonstrating their respect and appreciation of all veterans, especially those close to home, Briggs Auto and DEL Motors helped to honor Flint Hill area veterans; both DEL Motors and Briggs Auto Group contributed to the Quilt of Valor 2015 Project to help put the final touch on these awards. Because 2015 signifies the 40th anniversary of the end to the Vietnam War, a number of volunteers from the Korean Military Action, World War II Geary Country Veterans Alliance, and the Junction City Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Council have joined together with the Central Flint Hills Area Quilts of Valor 2015 Project. Read the rest of this entry »

Blue Jeans for Cayson Fundraiser Success!

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briggs auto blue jeans for cayson fundraiser

Briggs Auto Blue Jeans for Cayson Fundraiser

Over the years, Briggs Auto has found numerous ways to give back to the Kansas communities. Each of the Briggs Auto locations throughout Lawrence, Manhattan, and Topeka have reached out by supporting locals events as well as hosting fundraisers, 5ks, giveaways and more.

While Briggs Auto enjoys the opportunities to help and provide for others, whether they may be customers, friends, or community members, Briggs is family owned, and functions as a family unit. This means we take care of our team members in times of need, and just recently, we held an inside fundraiser for one of our fellow employees. We are pleased to announce that the Briggs Auto Blue Jeans for Cayson Fundraiser was a complete success.  Read the rest of this entry »

Can Car Collision Warning Systems Really Tell You to “Watch Out!”?

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forward collision alert buick

How well do collision warning systems work?

More effective than your front seat passenger yelling at you to “Watch Out!”, vehicle collision warning systems as well as blind spot warning and others are designed to reduce the risk of vehicle collisions. It’s a comforting feeling knowing that your vehicle is looking out for you; and even as attentive as you may be while driving, things can change quickly and other drivers on the road can be entirely unpredictable.

Because these active safety systems are added expenses and newer technologies that most people haven’t had the opportunity to test out, the question has been raised, “how well do collision warning systems work?“  Read the rest of this entry »

How Well Does an Eco Button Work?

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eco driving in buick

How Effective is the Eco Button on Vehicles?

The majority of drivers, especially commuters, want to squeeze out every last mpg to help save money over the course of time. Gas is expensive, even when it drops below $2/gal., it still feels like wasted money. To conserve every little bit of fuel, automakers have introduced eco modes on some of their cars, trucks, and SUVs. This sounds like a great technology, but many are skeptical of how effective the eco button is on vehicles.   Read the rest of this entry »

Finance and Insurance Protection Answers

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What Are Briggs Finance Protection Packages?

You’ve seen the pictures of the skeevy car salesman who probably would also like to try and get you to buy a fake Rolex while he’s at it, and you’ve heard or even experienced a high pressure situation where they just won’t take no for an answer. Neither one is a fun scenario and at Briggs Auto, you’ll never have to worry about being pushed to buy or pressured to make a decision you don’t feel comfortable with; instead, we want you to feel as prepared as possible and would therefore like to tell you more about what Briggs finance protection packages are. Read the rest of this entry »

Best Vehicles from 2015 to Lease

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front exterior of the 2015 dodge charger

Best 2015 Vehicles to Lease Manhattan KS

Maybe you aren’t in the market to buy or are considering other options that don’t involve actually purchasing, and owning a vehicle. If have been toying with the idea of leasing, allow us to introduce you to a few of the best 2015 vehicles to lease in Manhattan, KS. Read the rest of this entry »

Watch What Apple Can Do with Your Car

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Nissanan color touch screen

Will The Apple Watch Work With Nissan Vehicles

With all of the advancements in smartphones, personal devices, and in-vehicle entertainment, you can practically feel like Inspector Gadget driving the Batmobile. Okay, so maybe you don’t quite have the Batmobile, but you do have a Nissan and already have ordered your Apple Watch and you’re wondering, “Will the Apple Watch work with Nissan vehicles?Read the rest of this entry »

Are you a recent college grad and looking for a new car?

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nissan college grad program 2015

2015 Nissan College Grad Program Manhattan KS

College grads, we have a question for you. How many times since you walked across that stage and flipped your tassel to the other side have you heard someone say, “Welcome to the real world”? Just a guess, but it was probably when you were up to your elbows in job applications, signing a lease for an apartment. or shopping for a new car.

By now you’ve figured out that after college, not everything falls into place and things are confusing once you’re on your own in the “real world,” but we have another question for you. Have you heard of the 2015 Nissan College Grad Program Manhattan KS? Read the rest of this entry »