GMC Vehicle Lineup Will Be Expanding

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New Vehicles in GMC Lineup Coming Soon

With the exception of the midsize Canyon redesign that has practically rendered it a whole new truck, there haven’t been any actual new vehicle additions to the lineup in quite some time. But now, there has been an inkling of some interesting news saying we could expect new vehicles in the GMC lineup coming soon. How soon is soon? Well, GMC has said stated that it could very well be within the next ten years. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Avoid a Red-Light Camera Ticket

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redlight camera traffic system

Preventing a Ticket from Red-Light Camera Intersections

Driving has become second nature for many of us. We get into our vehicle, our mind wanders while our bodies go into autopilot, and before you know it, we’re at our destination with little to no recollection of how we got there. Busy everyday lives and schedules also make it easy to push the 5mph hour safety cushion, and speed 8, 9, or 10 mph over the limit, while an impatient driver behind you causes you to make a rolling stop and get ticketed.

And now, there are red-light camera systems to keep an eye out for. Briggs Auto would like to give you a few courtesy tips on preventing a ticket from a red-light camera intersection. Read the rest of this entry »

Ideas on How to Spend Your Tax Return

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briggs auto tax return

Why Spend Your Tax Refund on a Vehicle?

More exciting than finding a $5 bill fluttering along on the sidewalk with no one in sight to claim is exciting enough, but having a check for a couple thousand dollars dropped into your lap is an even greater feeling. Although it’s not free money, just your hard earned dollars being returned to you, one of the most popular ways to spend this check is either on new or current transportation.

This has become a popular decision all across the United States, and because the average refund is typically around $3,000, it certainly isn’t a poor choice; therefore, at Briggs Auto, we’d like to address the popular question of “why spend your tax refund on a vehicle?Read the rest of this entry »

2016 Kia Sorento, Redesigned and Safer Than Ever

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2016 kia sorento

2016 Kia Sorento Earns IIHS Top Safety Pick

Entirely redesigned for 2016, the all-new Sorento truly is the perfect getaway vehicle. While it still is classified as a crossover SUV, it remains caught between a compact and midsize sport utility vehicle. Compared to previous models, it has slightly grown into a larger build, one that is sleek, handsome, and sporty. And as attractive and athletic as the newest Sorento may be, what is especially important about its refresh is that the 2016 Kia Sorento earns IIHS Top Safety Pick. Read the rest of this entry »

What to Do This St. Patty’s Day 2015

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st pattys topeka ks

St. Patrick’s Day 2015 Events Topeka KS

Looking for a way to get your green on this St. Patty’s day without spending a lot of green? Whether you are looking for a local bar or tavern to make it a night to (maybe) remember with friends or to spend some time with the family, take a look at a few of the St. Patrick’s Day 2015 events in Topeka, KS that are taking place this year. Read the rest of this entry »

You’ve Got Mail (Trucks)

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mail truck body style

Automakers Compete to Design New USPS Delivery Vehicles

Every once and a great while, an exciting opportunity comes along that stirs up a great rumble among all of the automakers that have been focused on refreshing, upgrading, and overhauling vehicles within their line for each upcoming year. These opportunities, such as the New York City Taxi of Tomorrow competition, or the chance to become the designer of the next presidential limo, great vehicle creations are awakened.

And now, automakers will compete to design new USPS delivery vehicles. As of right now the United  States Postal Service needs 180,000 new delivery vehicles, and as all of the automakers begin bidding, attempting to stake their claim, only one will be chosen. Read the rest of this entry »

Winter Driving and Why Your Car is Shaking

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snow on the rims of a vehicle

Why is My Car Suddenly Shaking and Vibrating?

The condition of your vehicle is just fine, in fact, maybe you even just recently went for a tune up, but one day as you’re driving along the highway and it begins violently shaking for no reason. If this has ever happened to you all of a sudden, especially at high speeds, you are not alone. Drivers across the country have frequently asked dealership service departments the following question, “Why is my car suddenly shaking and vibrating?” Read the rest of this entry »

Briggs Auto Presents the First Ever MMA Event in Manhattan KS

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briggs auto fight night manhattan ks

Briggs Auto Hosts VFC Fight Night Manhattan KS

Bright Lights! Big Fights! Briggs Auto hosts VFC Fight Night in Manhattan, KS. This isn’t the first time that we have presented Fight Night, but this is the first ever MMA event to take place in Manhattan and we are thrilled to welcome everyone out for all of the wild, untamed, adrenaline-pumping fun. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips to Checking and Filling Car Tires

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checking tire pressure

Easy Steps to Check and Fill Car Tires

Checking tire pressure is more convenient than ever in select new vehicles which signal a small symbol on the dash to alert you when the tire pressure is low. Without even having to pull out a gauge, it will give a quick beep when once you’ve reached the correct pressure level. This is newer technology, and the majority of vehicles on the road aren’t equipped with a luxury feature such as this; therefore, it’s important to keep in mind these easy steps to check and fill car tires.

Read the rest of this entry »

The Charge for Charging an Electric Car

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soul charging

Cost of Charging an Electric Vehicle

Never having to pay to gas up your vehicle ever again sounds like a deal that’s too good to be true. While it has become a reality with the release of electric vehicles, the question has been raised, “What is the cost of charging an electric vehicle?” Will it cause your home electric bill to skyrocket? Read the rest of this entry »