Fall and Halloween Events 2015 Topeka KS

By Admin | Posted in Community on Thursday, October 1st, 2015 at 8:32 PM
fall activities in Topeka KS

Fall into these fall festivities and more puns as we rake up piles of ideas for you and your family or friends to take part in this year. Leaf your cares behind and get your calendar out and and jot down these fall and Halloween events for 2015 in Topeka, KS before you forget! Read the rest of this entry »

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Storage

By Admin | Posted in Tips 'N Tricks on Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 at 7:16 PM
car covered in storage

Some vehicles just aren’t meant to be driven year round, and when the cold weather comes and the snowflakes start to fall, it needs to be tucked away safe and sound. If you have a classic or a convertible not built for all-season driving, check out these tips on how to prepare your vehicle for winter storage. Read the rest of this entry »

Reasonable Car Rental Rates in Manhattan KS

By Admin | Posted in Tips 'N Tricks on Monday, September 28th, 2015 at 8:27 PM
rental vehicles in manhttan ks

What to Know when Renting a Car

When was the last time that you rented a vehicle? Was it a family vacation to some place like Disney World? The truth of the matter is that we often times just equate car rentals with family vacations and other trips of this sort, but there are plenty of other times that a car rental might come in handy and be the more convenient option. If you’re planning a day trip, weekend getaway, or week long vacation, check out what to know when renting a car. Read the rest of this entry »

Annual Briggs Auto Jeep Jamboree

By Admin | Posted in Community, Jeep on Friday, September 25th, 2015 at 9:36 PM
23rd annual jeep jamboree

24th Annual Jeep Jamboree Manhattan KS

Are you all about that Jeep life? Love getting outdoors and taking the top, doors, and windshield off. Or maybe you’ve invested time and money jacking ‘er up, putting bigger tires on, adding a new light bar or whatever other modifications to make it your baby. It doesn’t matter whether you have the ugliest, the best looking, or most modified Jeep because we’re welcoming all Jeeps to the 24th Annual Jeep Jamboree in Manhattan KS. Read the rest of this entry »

2016 Nissan Sentra Refresh

By Admin | Posted in Nissan on Thursday, September 24th, 2015 at 5:26 PM
rear view of the 2015 nissan sentra

Depending on the vehicle and how extravagant the design alterations may be, Nissan will either keep all of its secrets locked up, or let a few slip slide here and there.  Nissan has made it known that the Sentra will be getting a fairly extensive refresh, but what exactly, we are not sure. The 2016 Nissan Sentra refresh apparently will include distinguishing changes compared to the current model out and about on the roads. Read the rest of this entry »

2016 Nissan Altima vs 2016 Toyota Camry

By Admin | Posted in Nissan on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015 at 5:10 PM
2016 nissan altima vs 2016 toyota camry

Midsize sedan sales continue to skyrocket as popular favorites step forward with their 2016 models. Two cut-throat contenders that time-and-time again return to the winner’s circle are the Nissan Altima and the Toyota Camry. Neither one is a stranger to walking away from a model year with arms full of awards and accolades; therefore, it only makes sense since the new models have arrived to take the 2016 Nissan Altima vs 2016 Toyota Camry. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips to Tread Lightly on Your Car’s Tires

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used car tires on vehicle

How to Make Car Tires Last Longer

It’s no secret that a new set of tires is going to be a costly investment, one that many drivers try to put off as long as possible, which isn’t exactly a slick idea. Before you get to the point of running the risk of spinning out or having to replace one, two, or more tires, we have a few tips on how to make car tires last longer so you can keep rolling along and prevent premature baldness…in your tires that is. Read the rest of this entry »

What Cars are Classified as “Muscle Cars”

By Admin | Posted in Dodge, Just for Fun on Monday, September 14th, 2015 at 5:24 PM
modern day muscle cars

What Defines a Muscle Car?

New concepts are being dreamt up. Old classics are being restored and modernized. Popular choices continue to rise through the ranks and rack up the accolades and awards. Over time though, these lines classifying what each vehicle is can blur together, but that’s precisely why we’d like to take a look at the new and the old, and see what defines a muscle car by the original standard’s and today’s. Read the rest of this entry »

All-new 2015 Nissan “Heisman House” Ads

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2016 nissan gtr

Can you smell the brats on the grill? Is there a football shirt or jersey in the wash at least once a week? Although you won’t ever admit it, did you cruise through Pinterest for the best chili and chip dip recipes?

Tis the season for college football  which has brought along seven all-new 2015 Nissan “Heisman House” ads that have been released and will air as the season goes on. It takes a lot to appreciate a commercial, especially when it rips you away from your favorite show or an intense game that you’re watching, but when they’re entertaining, sometimes they’re actually worth watching over and over again. Read the rest of this entry »

Tricks to Make Your Vehicle More Responsive

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inside of vehicle engine

What’s your car’s engine like? Is it behaving like a teenager on a school day, just taking their sweet time to roll out of bed, or in your case roll off the line at the red light? If your vehicle seems hesitant or like it just doesn’t have enough umph to get around a slow vehicle on the highway while traffic is still flying up behind you, it may be time to look into a few tricks to make your vehicle more responsive. Read the rest of this entry »