Road Trip Tips!

July is coming to an end and if you haven’t taken your Summer Road Trip yet now is a great time to do it! Before you hit the road it’s not a bad idea to keep some Road Trip Tips in mind. Throughout the next few weeks I will post blogs with some different tips for you to keep in mind as you plan for your adventure!

To start, it’s always a good idea to stay a few steps ahead. Whether you do it yourself or bring your vehicle into our Briggs Auto Service Team, you should always make sure your car is running smooth and confidently before hitting the road. Check your fluid levels to make sure they are full, be sure your wipers are working properly and have wiper fluid, and check tire pressure!

It’s also a good idea to have an emergency kit in your trunk. What goes in to this kit is up to you but here are some of my suggestions. A well packed trunk can include jumper cables, bottled water, a tire iron, fire extinguisher, and definitely don’t forget a First-Aid kit. You can never be over prepared when driving long distances!

It’s a good idea to know where your spare tire is and that it’s safe to drive on. Make sure it has a safe amount of air in it and that the tread is intact. You should also be sure you have the right tools to swap out the bad tire for your spare. What good does a spare tire do if you don’t have a car jack and tire iron to change it?


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