Tips for Taking Food on the Road

What are some good tips for taking food dishes on a holiday trip? We all like to cook our favorite dish for an event. We like to impress with our secret recipe. It does little good if you spill the food before you get to your holiday festivities.

Taking food on a trip involves a little preparation. You can wrap warm foods in foil to keep them warm. You can surround the dish with towels or newspapers to maintain heat. You can put the dish in a cardboard box to keep it secure. Cold foods can go in coolers. You…

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Don’t Navigate Winter Weather Without the Right Wiper Blades

It’s easy to tell if your windshield wiper blades are failing or faulty. All you have to do is turn them on during rainy or snowy conditions. If they’re frayed or leave a mark on your windshield, it’s time for new blades. Make sure they are winter blades when navigating winter weather here in Kansas.

Look to install blades that were tested in the harshest of winter weather conditions. Otherwise, your blades will freeze and crack if it’s cold enough. Effective winter blades will also have a protective shell to prevent ice buildup. Ice buildup renders…

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Applying For Financing On A Vehicle Has Never Been Easier

Do you remember the days where you had to come in to apply for financing on the vehicle you want to purchase? You would have to fill out piles of paperwork, and the entire process was very time-consuming. Getting an answer would also take time, as the dealership's financing department would have to review and process all of that paperwork.

With all-new online financing applications at Briggs Auto Group, you can say goodbye to those long and time-consuming paper financing applications. Complete the online application right at home and get a prompt response from one of our...
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How to be a Courteous and Safe Driver

Learning how to share the road with other drivers and even pedestrians is key to keeping everyone safe. Following a few simple rules of the road will make driving less stressful and make the roads safer.

  • Keep a safe following distance between yourself and the car in front of you. Tailgating is not only unsafe, it also rude to do to other drivers. Don't try to force other drivers to move at the pace you want them to. 
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Seasonal Maintenance

With the cold weather quickly approaching (whether we want it to or not), it is time to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the long winter ahead. Salt, rocks, and moisture can all wreak havoc on your poor vehicle, and it is important to make sure your vehicle is protected and safe.

You can have the underbody of your vehicle sprayed in order to protect it from rust that can occur with the normal winter weather conditions that…
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Uncovering the Benefits of SUV Vehicles

The vehicles we own usually impact our experiences. Therefore, we've got to make incredible choices to ensure that we get incredible opportunities to travel comfortably and in style. That said, SUVs are a great choice for a number of reasons.

1. Enhanced vehicle safety. SUVs are typically larger than sedans, and larger vehicles are safer than smaller ones. Safety is also enhanced by improved visibility, so you will be able to drive easily under stressful conditions. In addition, these vehicles are well raised above the ground so as to prevent damages when driving over objects.
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Car Care Tips


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This week’s blog is all about how to take the best care of your car. I’ll appropriately title it “Car Care Tips!” Most of these tips are common sense but it never hurts to be reminded, especially if those reminders can help keep your car in the best condition possible!

1.       Check and Change Your Oil. There are a lot of suggestions on how often to change your oil if you’re asking the internet. Some say every 3,000 miles, others say every 5,000, and if you have a newer vehicle the owner manual you haven…

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Vehicle Spotlight: 2017 Nissan Altima


The 2017 Nissan Altima is a vehicle that separates itself from the rest. From its sleek, aerodynamic exterior to its luxurious and comfortable interior this sedan will have heads turning everywhere you go.

With leather seats and dual climate control you’ll feel right at home with comfortability. Keep the peace and let your passenger decide how warm or cool he wants his side of the cabin to feel. Nissan didn’t forget those back seat passengers either; with new, larger back seat vents everyone can have an enjoyable ride.

With Nissan Connect this vehicle acts like a computer on…

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Flint Hills Praisefest!

 The Flint Hills Praisefest is Manhattan’s largest free Christian music festival! The event will be held on September 23rd at the Manhattan City Park. Praisefest kicks off with the 3rd annual 5K with proceeds going to The House, a non-profit café seeking to holistically minister to the community of Ogden. The headline of the festival will be the Billboard’s Hot Christian Songwriter of 2016 and four-time Grammy nominee, Matthew West!

The 3 main objective of the Flint Hills Praisefest are:


The main focus is worship. Music is a powerful worship medium and the Flint Hills…

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Road Trip Tips-With Kids


“Are we there yet?” Whether you were the one asking the question or the one answering it, we have all heard it before. Long road trips with youngsters can be a stressful experience if you don’t have the resources (or energy) to keep them occupied!

This week I’ll give you a few ideas on how to keep the kids quiet while you’re cruising down the highway!

One game that will surely keep the kids busy is a scavenger hunt. Make a list of things you think you might see while on your road trip and have the…

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