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I went for a knocking noise in the right rear tire. Sounds familiar...been to two shops already this year for such a noise (may or may not be related) before my visit to Briggs. The service was great! They listened to my problem but didn't try to diagnose it based on my description (unlike the other two shops, one of which charged a diagnosis fee despite fixing the problem verbally discussed before looking at it). The guys at Briggs looked at it and said that a wheel was out of balance. They balanced it and found the problem solved. I did mention on that call that the right rear wheel looked a little crooked. They checked and fixed the alignment. I was thoroughly impressed to see how much cheaper their diagnostic and shop fees were than the first independent shop I went to. Dealership - cheap?!? In this case, yes! Plus I really appreciated it that they didn't try selling me any extras - no wipers, no head gasket (you'd be surprised...)

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