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My car was totalled in an accident. I was under pressure to purchase a new one. I had narrowed the choices down and went to the dealership ready to deal. The vehicle we looked at was not even "on the lot" yet, but our salesperson, Robert Eisenhut was able to get it for us. Although he was relatively new to the dealership, he was very helpful and accomodating. We went to another dealership to test drive a different vehicle, but returned to try and purchase from Robert and Briggs. Since the purchase, we had to return for some "adjustments" and were treated well by the service staff as well as Robert who continues to go out of his way to be helpful.

Pat Welborn

Why Choose Briggs Automotive?

Are you searching for a car dealership that is looking to earn you as a customer? The Briggs dealerships thrive on providing the best place to take care of your automotive needs. Whether you are shopping for a car or just looking for service, we want to be your best bet. A dealership you can count on. A dealership you could send your parents or grandparents to without having to worry about them getting ripped off.

We absolutely love everything that deals with cars. We love driving them, taking care of them, admiring them, telling their stories. If you're looking to build a life long relationship with a dealership that truly cares about you and your car, we are here and willing to build that bond.