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My wife and I bought a Jeep about a month ago and everyone was very eager to help. Craig went out of his way to make sure we got exactly what we wanted. There was a small problem with the paperwork, but was resolved with no problems. Make good choices, go to Briggs Dodge Topeka and see Craig.

Josh Odom

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Are you searching for a car dealership that is looking to earn you as a customer? The Briggs dealerships thrive on providing the best place to take care of your automotive needs. Whether you are shopping for a car or just looking for service, we want to be your best bet. A dealership you can count on. A dealership you could send your parents or grandparents to without having to worry about them getting ripped off.

We absolutely love everything that deals with cars. We love driving them, taking care of them, admiring them, telling their stories. If you're looking to build a life long relationship with a dealership that truly cares about you and your car, we are here and willing to build that bond.