Tell 'Em Mitch Sent Ya'!

Mitch Holthus is partnering with the Briggs Auto Group to ensure you get a great deal on a vehicle while also helping out a local charity. When you fill out the form below for a quote on a vehicle and let us know Mitch sent ya', a portion of the sale will go to Mitch's featured charity. Every other week we'll have a new charity in which to give; you can keep an eye on this page or follow Mitch on Twitter @MitchHolthus to keep tabs on his #RedFriday charity of choice.

Our current focus is on supporting Alphapointe, one of the largest providers of employment to people with visual disabilities, as well services for rehabilitation for youth and adults. The Alphapointe Foundation engages with the community through events and more to not only spread awareness for the general public, but to also get in front of the very people they can help. Their services offered are varied and far-reaching, be sure to visit Alphapointe.org to learn more. 

Website: Alphapointe.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Alphapointe/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/alphapointe
Mitch's Twitter: @MitchHolthus
And view our featured truck here: Mitch's Red Friday Truck

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