Mitch Holthus with Ford F-150

Tell 'Em Mitch Sent Ya'!

Mitch Holthus is partnering with the Briggs Auto Group to ensure you get a great deal on a vehicle while also helping out a local charity. When you fill out the form below for a quote on a vehicle and let us know Mitch sent ya', a portion of the sale will go to Mitch's featured charity. Every other week we'll have a new charity in which to give; you can keep an eye on this page or follow Mitch on Twitter @MitchHolthus to keep tabs on his #RedFriday charity of choice.

Our current focus is on supporting The Peoples Heartland Foundation in maintaining the Home on the Range Cabin. Build by Dr. Brewster M Higley and a few friends on July 4 1872, this historical location is where the poem turned song "Home on the Range" was written. The cabin and surrounding area can be visited and enjoyed year 'round, seven days a week, during daylight hours.

You can find out much more about this charity here:

Twitter: @MitchHolthus

Home on the Range cabin in Kansas
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